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Jennifer Kay

Ask me anything   Miami-based AP reporter, among other things.


    That does it. I am going to kill myself.


    This seal pup’s gingery-brown fur and sad blue eyes have made him an outcast from the rest of the pack and his own family.

    Shunned, the pup sits on is own up the beach while other seals group by the water’s edge.

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    Daily dose of squeee: 2 manatees at Florida lab make their Super Bowl picks. I met these wicked smart, cuddly manatees back in 2006. I even got to pet them. They are very bristly, and they really are shaped like speed bumps.

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    I love animal stories. Put me in charge of the wire, and it will be filled with squeee. For example, these adorable endangered whooping cranes learning to migrate to Florida by following a plane. It warms my dark journalist heart.

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